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Local Church Assistance Fund

West Virginia Ministries of the Church of God has established a local church assistance fund. The fund is designed to help congregations who have an emergency need and need financial assistance. The policy for the fund and an application to request funds can be found below.


Local Church Assistance Fund Policy


In the life of every church there are times of prosperity and blessing and times when the financial situation is a challenge and struggle at best. We in WV Ministries want to be helpful as we celebrate with the church in its most prosperous times and pray and reach out during its most difficult times.

WV Ministries is not by definition a Funding Agency for the church. Each church is a locally autonomous fellowship and is responsible for its own financial resources and budgets. However, when critical circumstances prevail and it is possible, the General Assembly and Eldership, in the Spirit of Christian compassion and stewardship may be able to help. The following policy will serve as a guideline to assist the Assembly in their efforts to be helpful.


Any request being made for resources from the "Church Assistance Fund," must be made in writing (see Church Assistance Fund Application) at least 30 days in advance of the needed funds being distributed.


When possible the church should match the funds given by WV Ministries.


In the case of an emergency, (catastrophic event, flood, tornado, structure failure, fire, etc) funds can be released in a more expeditious manner and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Every effort must be made by the requesting church to fund its own need and documentation of such efforts must accompany the request, i.e. fundraising efforts, special offerings, other funding sources pursued.


No request shall exceed 20% of "The Church Assistance Fund" balance.


Funds will not be granted to churches that have sufficient funds in their treasury to meet the need.


A Current financial report of the church will be required with the application for funds from the "Church Assistance Fund."


Churches granted funds cannot apply again for a minimum of 5 years.


The State Ministry Pastor/Staff must give initial approval and submit it to the WV Ministries Elder Board for final approval before funds will be distributed.


In case of an emergency, when time is of the essence, the State Pastor/staff can approve up to $5,000.00.


The Elder Board reserves the right to adjust the aforementioned criteria based on the circumstances.


This policy is our best efforts to assist all the churches affiliated with WV Ministries of the Church of God. There will never be enough money in the "Church Assistance Fund" to meet all the needs. However, we do want to be good stewards of the fund and help as much as possible.

WV Ministries Staff and Board of Elders


Download the application to request funds