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WV Ministries


West Virginia Ministries

There are 80 registered congregations and approximately 150 ministers serving the Lord through of the Church of God in West Virginia. The Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) is a movement of people called to the concept of the unity of all believers and the holiness of life empowered by the work of the Holy Spirit. All congregations are without formal membership, believing that "day by day the Lord adds to their number all who are being saved."

Church of God Ministries in North America

Approximately 2,300 fraternally affiliated congregations across the United States and Canada collectively make up the Church of God reformation movement in North America. Reflecting its strong non-denominational polity, each congregation represents the basic organizational unit of the Church of God. Each church calls its own pastors and establishes its own internal organizational patterns and bylaws. Congregations are not controlled by any person or organization outside their own membership. In fact, state, regional, and national organizations derive their strength from local churches and receive any voluntary support these congregations choose to give. Most churches recognize, however, that "we do better together." For that reason, they commonly form interdependent partnerships with area, national, and international ministries.
Historically, the Church of God has held firmly to several important doctrinal distinctives that create a sense of interdependency:

  • The reality of experiential salvation
  • The unity of all believers in Jesus Christ
  • The Spirit-filled life of holiness
  • The authority, inspiration, inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture
  • The present day reality of the Kingdom of God
  • The imminent return of Christ
  • The New Testament Church, The Body of Christ
  • The Holy Spirit as the sanctifier, enabler, equipper and power of the church


Church of God Ministries Around the World

In the years just after its birth in 1881, the Church of God reformation movement began to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the world beyond the United States and Canada. B.F. Elliott became the movement's first missionary, entering Mexico in 1891. Since those early days, the Church of God has grown into a multinational community of faith that is carrying the gospel to nearly ninety countries around the globe. Our worldwide family now consists of about three-quarters of a million believers and nearly 7,300 churches. The church in North America continues to support and send missionaries. We are not alone, however. Other members of our global family are also responding to the missionary call by sending and going. Internationally, God is working through a rich variety of dedicated servants in a wide array of geographic locations. The Church of God is two times larger around the world than it is in the United States.